Speed Blow Dry


A time-saving formula that works to reduce blow dry time whilst protecting colour integrity. The
spray expertly traps moisture inside the hair for faster and safer blow drying, and delivers a clear,
high gloss film on the hair that helps to preserve colour vibrancy. Its protective properties help
minimise heat exposure to prevent hair becoming damaged and colour fading.


Blow Dry Spray

cut blow-dry time by 30%!


THE PROBLEM: Blow-drying can cause color fade, but even worse: the
stress of yanking and pulling can cause fragile, color-treated hair to
break and split. So, the longer it takes to blow dry, the greater the
potential damage

THE SOLUTION: Speed Dry cuts drying time BY OVER 30% with new
technology that helps “squeeze out” water while also fortifying fragile,
color-treated hair. Unlike typical blow-dry sprays IT contains NO alcohol
which can further dehydrate color-treated hair.


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