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The Irish Hair and Beauty Awards 2018 are back

The Irish Hair and Beauty Awards 2018 are back once again for a huge celebration of the hair and beauty gurus and businesses that work hard in this country. After the overwhelming response from the public, who nominated their favourites, the full list of finalists has been complied.

“The team at Salon 2 are thrilled to have been nominated as ‘Most Wanted Salon’ and look forward to the glamorous awards ceremony in September. Thanks to all our clients who nominated us. Fingers crossed!” Anthony Kilcoyne, Owner and Creative Director of Salon 2

Irfan Younis, CEO of Creative Oceanic, said: “We have had an outstanding response from the Irish public who went behind the nominations and put forward their favourites. The awards have grown and we are looking forward to delivering another memorable event and give those who work hard within the hair and beauty industry the recognition they deserve.”