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Gold Fever hair extensions arrive at Salon 2 Sligo

Gold Fever Hair Extensions - Ros Purcell before and afterSalon 2 are now an Accredited Gold Fever Salon with two Certified Gold Fever stylists, Shirley Mulvaney and Arron Mc Donagh

Gold Fever quality is second to none. In Salon 2 we have compared it to various hair extensions on the market and can honestly say it is the best. The hair has the same thickness throughout and can be cut and coloured as you would normally.
You do need to take care of the extensions as you would with any hair extensions. There’s a special Gold Fever brush that is essential and a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner is a must but apart from that you don’t need anything special.

The Gold Fever extensions are applied using ‘Protein Tip Technology’. This protects your own hair and allows it to grow healthily while wearing the extensions. It also allows your stylist to colour match your hair as naturally as possible and the extensions are extremely discrete as a result. No one will know you’re wearing hair extensions unless they look very closely or you tell them!

The Gold Fever hair extensions should last 5 to 6 months and come in 9 different lengths (10 to 22 inches). So whether you want some length, volume or both Gold Fever extensions are perfect for you.

Call (071) 9160341 for your complimentary consultation appointment where you’ll be advised by a Certified Gold Fever stylist as to how to achieve your desired look.

Gold Fever exclusive to Salon 2, Adelaide Street, Sligo (071) 9160341