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More hair care tips and advice from Anthony on Ocean FM

1. For men with thinning hair the product you need is ‘Hair Secret 360’’. It’s like little fibres that ‘dust’ over the hair and then you put some hair spray on to fix it. It’s amazing and very discrete. We have it in Salon 2. €29.95 100ml
2. For those wanting to lighten their colour please don’t try to do it at home! You really need to go to a salon if you want to lighten the colour of your hair where your hair will be gently pre lightened so it can take the lighter shade. There are lots of clients lightening their colour this time of year with the weather improving.
3. For anyone with hair falling out…it could be due to the overuse of cheaper styling tools. To try and protect the hair use a protector spray (e.g. Semi Di Lino protector spray €15.90 200ml). By using a better quality styling tool the hair will straighten quicker so you don’t have to keep going through the same part of the hair as you would with a cheaper tool. Now you know what to ask for your next birthday!
4. A listener was querying why their 5 year old has such light hair. Anthony advised using a mild shampoo with the right PH balance. Some of the regular kids and baby shampoos on the market have the wrong ph. They will ensure there are no tears but they are too harsh on kiddie scalps as the ph of the scalp and the eyes are different. The solution is to use a mild shampoo. We have a natural shampoo in the salon specifically for kids. It has no parabens, no sulphates, no allergens and no colourants. €11.50 300ml
5. The problem of nits was discussed. Anthony advised going to your chemist to get a specific product to tackle the problem and not to ignore it!
6. A caller with Dry, Frizzy Hair wondered what she could use on her hair. Anthony advised anything oil based. Moroccanoil is great. They also have Moroccanoil Curl Defining cream that works brilliantly on this type of hair. It’ll tame down the cuticle. €29.95 250ml
7. A listener asked what can be done with her hair. It’s lovely when she comes out of the hairdressers but the next day has become hard to manage. Anthony said sleeping on a silk pillow case can help this! Also, if you brush your hair first thing in the morning while your head is still warm it’ll tame it. Great tip! Where can I get a silk pillow case? Anthony??
8. A lady the other side of chemo was wondering what should she do now that her hair is growing back. Anthony said that using a mild shampoo is really important. He also said that many salons, Salon 2 included, will cut hair after hours for any clients undergoing chemo for added privacy. Just ask.