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Hair advice and tips from Anthony's new radio slot on Ocean FM

Joico range of salon shampoos, conditioners and treatments1. Get yourself a good shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. Your salon will give you advice on what would be most suitable for YOU. So stop using whatever shampoo you find in the shower and treat your hair to some TLC :-) There are some great Joico shampoos and conditioners in Salon 2. They’ll last ages as you don’t need as much as cheaper shampoos and your hair will look great. Joico shampoo starts at €11.50 in Salon2
2. Brush your long hair from the ends and work your way up to the crown working out those knots. The Moroccanoil brushes are great.
3. Dry your hair from the bottom up. Take your hair in sections, pinning up the top sections and working on the lower sections first. It’ll protect your hair in the long run and avoid over heating the top of your hair. Great tip.
4. For those with thinning hair start your scalp massage today! The tighter the scalp the more difficult it is for the hair follicle to grow. Massaging the head will loosen up the scalp and encourage hair growth. You could also try some of the products on the market such as ‘Rogaine’ or Joico Cliniscalp Botanical Hair Thinning Solutions. Anthony is trying out this product himself. So stay tuned for further details on how it’s working.
5. As we head into Summer and people are in and out of the swimming pool get yourself some Joico Clarifying shampoo (€13.99 in Salon 2) and protect your hair from chlorine damage. It’s particularly important if you have blond colour in your hair! Anthony is hoping to talk more about this next week.
6. Anthony also talked about touching up ‘the grey’ inbetween colouring . It’s called ‘masking’ and costs €15 plus blowdry. Super tip Anthony!