Salon 2 Haordressing

12 Months or Less

The Creative Wedding Team at Salon 2 have lots of hair care advice in the run up to your special day. Here’s an idea of a 12 month wedding hair plan. Of course this can be adjusted to your hairs individual care needs or your time frame.


9-12mths – Book your wedding day appointment and begin looking at bridal magazines, Pinterest and our Wedding Gallery.

6mths – If you’re going to change your hair colour, now is the time to do it. Consult with your stylist as to the colour you wish to achieve and with regular trims and hair treatments your hair will be in perfect condition for your big day.

3mths – Book your trial appointment for 6 weeks to 1 month before your wedding

1mth – Ensure your hair is freshly washed - either from the night before or on the morning of the trial. If you are considering wearing a headpiece, hair extensions or accessories, you would bring these to the trial.

1 - 2wks – before the wedding, have your final colour orhighlights done.

The big day – you would allow up to an hour for your appointment. Don’t forget your head piece, hair accessories, veil if you want your stylist to place them in position.

Top tip: Wear a zip up top to avoid messing your hair!